Camp American Legion

Rose-Harms Post #355 SAL Sponsored Cabin at Camp American Legion

Please note: The cabin shown below is under remediation to resolve structural and other issues found so it is not available currently for occupancy.

The cabin is located at Camp American Legion on the shores of Big Carr Lake, in the heart of Wisconsin’s Northwoods, there is a haven with a Mission to provide rest, relaxation, recuperation and rehabilitation to Wisconsin veterans of all ages, active duty military service members and their families. The Camp serves those who have a physical or psychological medical condition, any and all types of service and non-service related illnesses, injuries or disabilities.

Our SAL contributes both money and volunteer’s time to help maintain this cabin and its surroundings for use by our veterans.  SAL provides furniture, appliances, household supplies, landscaping and building restoration and supplies along with a pier for fishing and boating. Below are a few pictures of our sponsored cabin and its surroundings.


More information about Wisconsin’s Camp American Legion can be found using the following link: Camp American Legion